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Centrifugal Technology Utilization in Life, Medicine, and Food Production

Sep. 15, 2021

Centrifugal processes have a wide range of industrial and laboratory scale applications. Centrifugation is a technique that can be used to separate dissolved particles in a solution based on density, size, viscosity, or shape. In this technique, centrifugal force is applied to a solution to separate the high density components of the solution from those with relatively low density. HUADA lists some important applications of centrifugation.


What is the principle of centrifugation?

Centrifugal techniques operate using the concept of sedimentation, in which centrifugal force causes denser liquids and particles to move outward in a radial direction. At about the same time, relatively less dense objects are displaced and pushed toward the center.

Centrifugal Technology Utilization in Life, Medicine, and Food Production

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Common applications of centrifugation


1,Centrifugation can be used to separate a mixture of two different miscible liquids.


2,Removing water from moist lettuce with the help of a salad spinner.


3,It can be used to study and analyze macromolecules and their hydrodynamic properties.


4,Mammalian cells can be purified with the help of special types of centrifuges.


5,Centrifugation can also be used for graded separation of membrane fractions and membranes, graded separation of membrane vesicles.

6,Centrifugal force is used to shake out water in washing machines to remove water from clothes.

7,Skim milk is a type of milk with low dissolved fat content. Centrifuges are used to separate the fat from the milk, leaving the desired skim milk.

8,Cyclone separation is an important process with important applications in separating particles from the gas stream. Another important application of this technology is the stabilization and clarification of wine.

9,Centrifuges are widely used in the field of medical snow chemistry. In this field, the technique is used for the separation of blood components from blood samples. In addition, the technique is also used in some laboratories for the separation of urine components from urine samples.

10,Differential centrifugation is a different type of centrifugation that is known to be used to identify cell organelles.

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